Outdoor Lighting Tips

Whether you have a big garden or not, unless you live in a high rise flat, chances are that you will need some kind of outdoor lighting for your home.

These days automatic sensor lights are all the rage as they help to alert home owners to intruders, plus they have the added benefit of scaring the intruders away. You can also get lights the will activate a camera when they are triggered, so hopefully you can get footage of any potential burglars.

For the purposes of this post however, I am going to concentrate on lights that are intended to by aesthetically pleasing rather that purely functional like this. I am talking about lights which we add to our walls and in our gardens, not just for the purpose of giving off light, but also to make the area more attractive. Obviously outdoor lighting has to conform to a certain safety standards due to the conditions outside, and you should always check with the manufacturer that a product is safe to use in the outdoors before you install it. Also, make sure that you do not carry our any work that you are not qualified to do, and if in doubt, please employ an electrician.

Victorian Street Lamps

If you have a larger garden then Victorian style street lamps make a lovely feature and will look great all year round. They do take up quite a bit of space and it is better to have more than one to get the full effect. Original lamps will set you back a small fortune, but replica ones are available from most garden centres and lightning specialists.

victorian street lamps

Wall Mounted Lamps

There is a very wide variety of wall mounted lamps which are suitable for outdoors, and whether you just want one at either side of your front door, or a whole string of them round round garden, they are fairly affordable. They also come in a variety of different materials including plastic and metal, although obviously the metal ones are more expensive and can be prone to rusting if they are not treated.

Solar Powered Lamps

You will find these in most garden centres, although the quality of the light that they give off varies depending on the price. Cheaper ones tend to give off a slight glow in the evenings but you cannot say by any stretch of the imagination that they give off sufficient light to see by. Different models are available, some of which are planted in the ground on sticks and some of which are more permanent fixtures. If you opt for ones which will be permanently fitted, it is a good idea to spend a little extra on them to make sure that the light they give off is worth the effort.




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