Choosing The Right Bulbs

When you have decided on your light fitting, the next thing to turn your attention to is selecting the right bulbs to go with it. Certain fittings come with the bulbs already connected, but there is no reason why you have to stay with the ones you have been given. The only circumstances where this is not the case is when you buy a fitting the has LED bulbs that cannot be removed, so you should check this with the manufacturer before you make a purchase.

Energy saving bulbs are very popular these days, although they are not suitable for all types of fittings, especially if you are using a dimmer switch with your lights. Often using a dimmer with unsuitable bulbs will cause them to flicker or even not work at all.

The type of bulbs that you got for very much depends on the style of the fitting. If it  is a chandelier style fitting, then the obvious choice is a candle shaped bulb, although this doesn’t always have to be the case. If you want to go for a different look, why not try retro filament bulbs, which do tend to give out a very nice warm light.


If you are not using a dimmer switch, getting the wattage of your bulbs is the most important thing, as this will determine how bright the light will be that your lamp gives off. If you are fitting bulbs in the main ceiling fitting in a lounge or dining room, it is a good idea to go for a brighter bulb, as these lights tend not to be left on all the time and only used when a lot of light is needed in the room occasionally.

To light a living room or dining room well, a selection of table lamps is often a better option for creating a warm atmosphere, and if you use bulbs that are of an average wattage and not tinted bright white, you should find that it creates a very pleasing effect.

LED bulbs do give off a more sterile and colder type of light, so they are more suited to the kitchen. As downlighters they are particular effective in kitchens and are very energy efficient therefore costing very little to operate. For this reason, LED bulbs are more expensive, although hopefully you will not need to replace them anywhere nearly as often as you would a traditional old style bulb.


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